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Rodent Exclusion

It’s that time of the season again where those little furry guys try to move in with you!  Rats & mice and even the bigger pests like opossums, raccoons and squirrels will find ways to get into your house.  They will get in through cracks and openings around pipes, windows, doors, eaves, gable and soffit vents, roofs and it is not uncommon for them to make their own openings.  Rodent & wildlife exclusions may be needed around your house.  Sealing up all of the openings will greatly help in controlling them.  The best rodent control is to never let them in!  Our UltraGuard Plus rodent exclusion package includes sealing of the openings on the exterior of your home or business and regularly monitoring for them.  Our rodent exclusion package also comes with a warranty, from as little as a month all the way to lifetime!

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