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Don't let the Bed Bugs bite!

I know that you have been hearing about bed bugs in the news.  Are you like most people and believe that bed bugs are some imaginary bug that was made up for bedtime ryhmes and stories.  Well I'm sorry to break the news to you, but bed bugs are real!  Bed bugs have become a serious problem in the United States.  Over the last couple of years we have had a significant increase in the number of bed bug reports in our area.  Bed bugs are transmitted from one place to another by hitchhiking on luggage, clothes, furniture, bedding, etc.  So, if you travel, you are susceptible to them.  Bed bugs take blood meals from humans, so the bed area is a good place to find them.  Luckily they are not know to transmit any diseases, however, they can leave itchy welts on the skin and can cause a feeling of anxiety.  If you are waking up in the morning with reds welts on your body, you may have bed bugs.  Let us know and we can send a trained bed bug professional to come out and give you a free inspection.

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